New Australian Journal “Paradise” Seeking Contributions

The founders describe the new journal as a “cold beer in a living room on fire.”


Paradise is a new journal for Australian architecture and research which grew out of a  “dissatisfaction with architecture and spaces of violence and dispossession.” For their inaugural issue, they have opened a call for contributors on the topic of “the Backyard.” The call is very open ended, allowing for all forms and formats of research related to Australian architecture, written or otherwise, built or intangible, discursive or poetic. Proposed contributions will be evaluated by an editorial board on the basis of a 300 word abstract. The abstract should contain an indication of the content, length and format of the contribution, and include any relevant images or visuals. Submissions will close on the 5th of December.

According to the journal’s founders, Paradise is Australia, a place that the founders of the journal describe as “the lucky country at the end of the world,” and a place that lies at the intersection of the global contemporary: both east and west, both desert and tropical, both future-minded and so backward. Paradise acts to amplify the fury, the angst, and the achingly optimistic. It is both completely serious and totally naive. In the unrelenting present of endless apocalypse, Paradise understands the end of something as the beginning of something else. “What better place to start than in our own Backyard?” 

‍For more information about Paradise, visit their website and for any enquiries, email them at hello@paradise-journal.com.au.