Annual Experimental Sound Festival to Take Place Online

Videos are available on the Garage museum website

Left: Vadim Logvinov. web./.
Right: Sergei Filatov. Clouds of overtones.
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Prepared Surroundings (PS) is an annual international festival of experimental sound and technological art that has been held in Moscow since 2009. The main events of the festival—prepared performances by Russian artists—will be presented to the audience in the form of a series of video documents.

The festival is an informal tribute to the artist and composer John Cage. The project was initiated by the SoundArtist.ru community, an association of independent artists working with experimental sound and technological art. The theme of this year is "Technology and Truth," and the event itself is supported by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, whose website contains videos of the artists' performances.

When creating works, participants use prepared objects, environments, constructs, and the most non-standard concepts and techniques of sound production, in order to develop new technologies, software, and hardware. The purpose of the festival is to stimulate the development of experimental creative fields at the intersection of various arts, science, technology, and music.

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