Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition Launches “Anima”

The show features a total of twenty six contemporary video installation works

Left: Still from Thievery and Songs (Gernot Wieland), 2016
Right: Still from Yellowish Blue (Hui Gi-Wai), 2018

The Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (TIVA), launched by Hong-gah Museum in 2008, has announced a first-time inter-institutional collaboration with the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB): the ANIMA exhibition curated by Eva LIN and YU Wei. ANIMA is meant to expand the visual viewing experience into an image experience for other senses, incorporating locations that include the museum, an abandoned building, and a former Air Force Command Headquarters, in order to showcase the fluidity of interaction between images and diverse spaces.

According to the curators, the title ANIMA is meant as a reference to ritual and the line between the spiritual realm and physical reality. “ANIMA attempts to conceive hypnosis as a ritual of image viewing, where the image itself serves as the medium to hypnosis... the works in front of your eyes are either inducers that lead us to trance, or the flows that demonstrate how we approach it.” ANIMA is presented more as a means to viewing, the imageries haunted in mind, and the trance in image viewing as if induced by hypnosis. 

ANIMA brings together twenty six contemporary video installation works that will be available through the online screening project ANIMA x Giloo. For more information, visit the TIVA website