Strelka Institute Publishes Book “The New Normal”

The publication is on sale on the Institute’s official website

Photo: Ruslan Shavaleev.
Strelka Institute

The book The New Normal is the result of a research project of the same name by the Strelka Institute, in which participants examined the impact of technology on a planetary scale and its effect on the future of cities in Russia and the world. The publication demonstrates the diversity of the research carried out and offers a comprehensive explanation of what the new norm is and what it should look like. The book was published by Strelka Press in collaboration with Park Books.

The project involved ninety interdisciplinary researchers from thirty countries and more than forty teachers—specialists in the field of architecture, information technology, philosophy, art, cinema, economics, and other fields. Researchers are not only interested in what the future of cities looks like, but in reflecting on how it will work: how ideas, values, ​​and power will circulate in it. The final version of the publication includes research projects and essays by Strelka teachers and Benjamin Bratton, director of The New Normal program.

The New Normal features visuals, including research materials, footage from archives and field trips, illustrations, photographs, and collages that help to immerse the reader in the atmosphere of a three-year project.

The edition can be ordered on the Institute's official website or on Amazon.