EastEast Launches Online Radio and Open Call for MENA Musicians

24/7 broadcasting and promotion for musicians from West Asia and North Africa

EastEast Radio is an online radio station that presents an alternative to conventional content, giving listeners access to curated sounds with a global scope. The radio’s 24/7 stream draws from an extensive database of tracks with an emphasis on both archival and contemporary recordings from MENA countries. EastEast Radio also produces a diverse line up of podcasts in conjunction, offering up fresh perspectives and conversations. Additionally, there are collaborations with a wide range of international musicians, collectors, DJs, and labels to bring you special, exclusive mixes: you can find mixes and podcasts featuring Rabih Beaini (Morphine Records), DIY-ethnographer Bulat Khalilov (Ored Recordings), and Ian Nagoski (Canary Records). 

EastEast Radio’s upcoming exclusive features include an inaugural mix from the Sublime Frequencies label, highlights of releases and material from Mississippi Records, special selections from Mark Gergis aka Porest, and an interview and curated playlist from NTS host, DJ, and producer Nabihah Iqbal.

You can follow the radio station's updates on the project's pages on social networks: Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

EastEast Radio also serves as the primary platform for Mawaheb, an initiative that supports the promotion and advancement of music from MENA countries, the programming connects a new audience to the music of the region while providing a wide variety of opportunities for engagement. EastEast Radio, together with Mawaheb, serves a vital purpose: the formation of a musical community. Lesser known traditions, instruments, genres, and musicians are showcased alongside emerging contemporary talent. 

The Mawaheb initiative starts with an open call for musicians from the MENA region interested in having their music featured on EastEast. The selected applicants will have their music promoted through both the radio and editorial features in the form of interviews, articles, and social media. We are also asking for anyone knowledgeable or enthusiastic about music in the MENA region who wants to propose a specific musician, group, or organization to reach out and help us find the right musicians for the Mawaheb open call. 

To suggest artists, apply, or ask additional questions, please contact us: hi@easteast.world