(EE) Radio Track Submissions

A call for artists, music groups, record collectors, and all our listeners

We're reaching out to ask for submissions, suggestions, and tips for music to feature on our radio stream. We have a database of a wide range of contemporary, archival, and experimental genres from all over the world that is continuing to grow each day, but we know we can make it even better with your help.

Are you or your friends making music you think would be a great fit for the radio stream? Have you been collecting for years and want to share your finds? Do you have a track that’s been stuck in your head that would make a nice home on (EE)? Is there an old LP that your grandparent’s loved that you think deserves more attention? Is there an “obscure” musical performance you’ve found on youtube or a blogspot that warrants more listeners?

Please send it our way! We’ll feature it on both our stream and as part of a special show we are compiling made up exclusively of listener submissions. 

You can submit suggestions to us via (EE) Radio social networks: Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram or write us at easteastmusic@gmail.com

Thanks for listening!