The Wardrobe Man: a Video about a Hermit Will Appear Online

The film by artist Bassem Yousri will be screened from February 27th until March 3rd

Still from The Wardrobe Man, (Bassem Yousri, 2018)
Bassem Yousri

The Wardrobe Man is a movie based on true events and shot by artist and director Bassem Yousri, which will be available for viewers from February 27th until March 3rd on Vimeo.

At the plot’s center is the story of a man named Kristian Vandet Jørgensen, a hermit who lived in a closet by the shore of Oddesund, Denmark, from 1917 until his death in 1956. The director managed to get acquainted with the archive about Kristian’s life at the museum of a small provincial town, while in the movie, Bassem Yousri tells his friend Shadi about his research while sitting inside a closet. Yousri himself comments on the work: "The story as well as my itinerant perplexity during the research phase inspired me to work on a semi-documentary. It’s only a documentary in the sense of its concern with questioning the truth in relation to these documents." The film combines archive footage with artistic scenes, where the boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred.

Bassem Yousri is an artist, filmmaker, and educator based in Cairo. He works with a variety of media, including mixed installations in galleries and public spaces, as well as experimental and documentary films.

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