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Lualua Vol. 1: Treasures of Qatar, Hosted by Inzhener Zemli

The first episode in a new series dedicated music from West Asia and North Africa

Lualua (“pearl” in Arabic) is a new cycle of mixes by Moscow’s broadcaster and selector Pavel “Inzhener Zemli'' Amirov. In this series, Amirov explores the historical music scenes of particular regions and tells stories of significant figures and local genres from the different countries of West Asia and North Africa.

The first episode of Lualua is dedicated to the musical traditions of Qatar with its songs of Al Nahhams and chants of pearl divers, works of local oud and violin virtuosos, and much more. Most of these recordings were made in the 1970s by Qatari broadcasting service and Qatar’s Ministry of Information.

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Inzhener Zemli
Broadcaster, DJ and selector Pavel Amirov, who’s focused on local music scenes frp, different parts of the world and varied periods of its history. Based in Moscow.