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Madagascarian Tsapiky, Columbian Avant-garde, and Some of Switzerland’s Finest

An (EE) Radio mix by Cyril Yeterian of Bongo Joes

For this exclusive mix for (EE) Radio, Cyril Yeterian of the Swiss Label and Record Store Bongo Joe dives into a selection of their releases from the last eight years. Bongo Joes has been at the forefront of releasing gems from the past and present, revealing hidden musical worlds: from high-tempo tsapiky music from Madagascar, synth wave and post-punk in post-Francoist dictatorship Spain, and traditional Turkish tunes revisited and reimagined by new generations, to the finest Colombian avant-garde, Algerian raï, and some of Switzerland’s greatest experimental and electronic pioneers.

This mix features excerpts from the label’s diverse catalog, from reissued and contemporary classics to Bongo Joe’s most recent releases.


1 - Nusantara Beat - Djanger (2023)
2 - Alain Peters - La rosée si feuilles songes (1977)
3 - Altın Gün - Goca Dunya (2018)
4 - Les Abranis - Achethkhii (1983) out of Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983
5 - Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Nem Kaldi (2017)
6 - Damily - Tulear (1995) out of Early Years - Madagascar Cassette Archives
7 - Meridian Brothers - Cumbia del Pichaman (2020)
8 - Aristides Ramirez - Los Lanbones (197x) out of Merengue típico, nueva generación !
9 - Cyril Cyril & Meridian Brothers - Diablos de Chuao (2023)
10 - Michou -  Maloya Ton Tisane (1977) out of Soul Sega Sa! Indian Ocean Segas from 70s
11 - Chouk Bwa & The Ångrstromers -  Somanti (2023)
12 - Diseño Corbusier - Meta Metalic (1985) out of La Contra Ola: Synth Wave & Post Punk from Spain 1980-86
13 - Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp - Beginning (2021)
14 - Andreas Hofer - Untitled (1987) out of Intenta: Experimental & Electronic Music from Switzerland 1981-93
15 - Sourdurent - Franc de Bruch (2023)

Cyril Yeterian
musician and composer of Lebanese-Armenian origin mainly touring with his unclassifiable duo Cyril Cyril and north-east African western punk pop band Yalla Miku. Founder of the record store and label Bongo Joe based in Geneva, Switzerland.