Undisciplining Photography Symposium Will Be Streamed on YouTube

Online events are scheduled for May 27th and 28th

Still from I Declare a Thumb War (Ewan Macbeth, 2020)
Undisciplining Photography

The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and the Nederlands Fotomuseum are hosting a symposium on the potential of photography in the modern world. Participants will discuss the role of this form of art in the aesthetic, social, and political space and beyond. The broadcast will take place on May 27th and 28th on the YouTube channel, but participants are asked to register in advance.

The Undisciplining Photography cycle focuses on photography not only as a practice that reflects societal issues, but also as an independent social practice. The symposium will include discussions on:

—connections between colonial heritage and photography, decolonial visual practices;

—logistics, infrastructure and invisible labor—how to tell hidden stories through images;

—visuals at the crossroads of identity trauma—how to build a story about the past and painful events;

—identity in the projects of photographers, various perspectives of working with an individual image;

—ecology and the concept of "slow violence," the landscape as part of neoliberal politics and toxic space.

For all questions, please contact symposiumMAPS@kabk.nl.

The full program of the event is available on the website.