Talks on Collective Coexistence Values to be Held Online at documenta 15

Indonesian curators and guests will discuss important aspects of social relationships

kmmn_practice at ruruHaus in Kassel, 2021
documenta 15

The public program of the exhibition is dedicated to the values ​​of human relationships. It includes a series of seven “lumbung calling” conversations. Several lectures are already available to watch, and new ones will be presented every first Saturday of the month until October 2021.

lumbung (from Indonesian “rice barn”) is the main theme of documenta 15 and is a practice that was developed especially for the exhibition by the curatorial team ruangrupa from Indonesia. In rural communities, surplus crops are stored in joint rice warehouses and distributed for the benefit of the community according to jointly defined criteria. The same principle is used by ruangrupa in their lives and work on art projects. During lumbung calling conversations, curators and guests explore the rich meaning of lumbung in a variety of disciplines and artistic contexts.

The fifth episode of the program will begin on August 7th at 15:30 (Moscow time) and will focus on transparency. Transparency is one of the key elements of collective life, mindset, and behaviors associated with trust. Participants will discuss how these two values, transparency and trust, are manifested in the lives of people from different countries, how they have changed, and what role transparency plays in defining and creating healthy ecosystems.

Past episodes—Local Anchor, Humor, Independence, Generosity— are available now. Future Talks— Sufficiency and Regeneration— will take place on September 4th and October 2nd, 2021. Documenta 15 will take place in Kassel from June 18th to September 25th, 2022.

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