Announcements, Poland

Residency at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art

Ustka, Poland. No deadline

The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art (BGSW) is inviting artists from Poland and abroad for an international artist residency program. The program is focused on art in public space and socially engaged art, with a preference for artists who engage the local community.

The residency duration is 2 months, with a possibility of 3 months in justified cases. BGSW offers access to the photography and film studio, the sculpture and ceramics studio, and the lecture hall. Galeria provides accommodation in single and double rooms with access to the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. Upon request, the resident will receive technical assistance during the installation of works if needed.

The application requires an artistic biography, documentation of the artist's works, a project proposal, and at least one reference. There are no age or origin restrictions, but effective communication in spoken and written English is required.

For more information, visit the Baltic Gallery's website