Announcements, Georgia

EastEast and Posta da Kona Screening of Harun Farocki's In Comparison

Tbilisi, Georgia. December 14th, 20:00

Join EastEast and Posta da Kona for a showcase of Shota Bostanashvili's Four Discourses poetry edition, accompanied by a meditative screening of Harun Farocki's documentary In Comparison.

Shota Bostanashvili's poetry has found its new form in a design by David Bostanashvili published by Posta da Kona. Shota Bostanashvili, a distinguished figure in the field, was not only a Doctor of Architecture but also a gifted poet, culturologist, and a professor at the International Academy of Architecture. His contributions to the world of architecture, particularly through his studio-workshop called "The Poetics of Architecture," have left an indelible mark on the industry.

The book presentation will be complemented by the screening of Harun Farocki's remarkable documentary, In Comparison. This film offers insights into the process of brick making across continents and cultures, specifically in Africa, India, and Europe. Through the power of imagery, Farocki masterfully explores how bricks shape spaces and organize social relations in different parts of the world. Known for his film-essays that skillfully combine found and original footage, Farocki delves into profound themes such as the power of images, the intersection of war and technology, and the role of labor in capitalist society.

The event will take place on Thursday, December 14th, at 20:00 pm at Posta da Kona, located at 10 Mazniashvili street in Tbilisi.