Online Directory: Non-extractive Architecture(s)

Projects from all over the world that redefine architectural practices

Left: Screenshot from the film GBOGBO ODÒ LÓ NA ÓWÓ SÍ OLÓKUN by MOE+ Art Architecture.

Right: Maternity Ward in the outskirts of Mogadishu. Photo by DO Architecture Group.

Explore this depository of projects that delve into various approaches to design, materials, labor practices, and community involvement. 

The non-extractive architecture(s) is an initiative led by Space Caviar and the re:arc institute that seeks to address the paradox of architecture's contribution to environmental depletion and social inequity, aiming to transcend its extractive nature and become a positive force for change.

The central component of the project is a vast online directory featuring over 700 architectural practices from around the world. These practices are categorized into six thematic approaches: Timeless ways of building is dedicated to projects that rediscover vernacular techniques, Material Origins examines material choices and their implications, The Politics of Construction explores architecture's relationship to labor and community, Building as Last Resort consolidates projects dedicated to adaptive reuse and the architecture of maintenance, and in the Systems Architecture repository, one can find architectural software-aided systems and new technologies.

Non-extractive architecture(s) encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity of thought, recognizing that sustainable and equitable architectural practice requires the integration of various elements. The depository is constantly being updated, so if you have an architectural project that aligns with the values and principles of non-extractive architecture, you are welcome to submit it as well. For more information visit the website of the initiative