Announcements, Turkey

Workshop: In Other Latitudes

Izmir, Turkey. Deadline: June 1st

In Other Latitudes focuses on exploring the spaces between Mediterranean port cities, with a particular emphasis on Izmir. The workshop delves into issues of displacement, urban politics, and cultural elements. It is organized by the Architectural Association School of Architecture, which recognizes the recurring condition of displacement and its impact on cities.

The program offers lectures, fieldwork, and the production of migration films, with a focus on observing self-made spaces of migrants and understanding contemporary methodologies for housing lower-class emigrants. This residency is open to graduate and undergraduate students, PhD candidates, and young professionals interested in migration, as well as individuals from various disciplines such as architecture, archaeology, anthropology, history of art, migration studies, cultural studies, and development studies. 

The program requires a fee of £595 per participant, which includes a £60 Visiting Membership fee. Limited spots for accommodation are available, and need-based concessions are also available for students. The workshop will take place from June 28th through July 7th. For more information about the organizers and the program, visit the Architectural Association's website