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Caucasus Cinema Open Call: Filmmaking Adventure

Georgia. Deadline: March 1st

Photo: courtesy of Caucasus Cinema

Caucasus Cinema is a free, independent filmmaking adventure in the Republic of Georgia. Established in 2022, they have united hundreds of filmmakers to build an international filmmaking community through cross-cultural collaborations across Georgia's regions.

Every year, thirty filmmakers—half local and half from around the globe—converge on a remote region of Georgia. Caucasus Cinema provides a sleeping bag and an airbed, and together, the participants will create ten to twenty short films in a week. After this first stage of the adventure the participants will move on to the next location for a total of five weeks.

Caucasus Cinema believes that real adventure fosters the best environment for creative growth. So far, they have created films in various regions including Tbilisi, Tetritskaro, Akhalkalaki, Kutaisi, Mestia, Korbouli, Rustavi, Sighnaghi, Aspinza, Lanchkhuti, Gori, Tsalenjikha, Poti, Lagodekhi, and Anaklia.

The films produced at Caucasus Cinema have been showcased at numerous international film festivals and have won awards at the Tbilisi International Film Festival. They've also received nominations at the CinéDOC International Documentary Film Festival, the Lighthouse International Film Festival, La Pichonera, the 28th European Film Festival, the Lebanese Independent Film Festival, and many more.

The applications are admitted on a rolling basis until March 1st. The tentative program dates for this year are April 29th through June 2nd, and applicants need to commit to at least three weeks to participate. Partners of the Caucasus Cinema include Sakdoc, the Center for Contemporary Art, GIPA, and Uniondocs. Visit the Caucasus Cinema's website for more information about the program and to apply.