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Radio Taiso!

A legendary Japanese morning routine for longevity

Still from Only Yesterday (1991) by Studio Ghibli

Ranking one of the highest in the world for life expectancy, Japan has its own secrets to longevity. One of them is the Radio Taiso morning routine (ラジオ体操, rajio taisō, literally, "radio exercises"), a 3-minute-long set of warm-up exercises cued by music that can be performed literally anywhere and by anyone, regardless age, level of preparation, and sports equipment or uniform. This almost 100 years old routine is usually transmitted at 6:30 am on the Japanese public station NHK Radio 1, but can be done by anyone outside Japan, alone or in a group, outside or in an office, in the morning or after work.

There are three official versions of Radio Taiso: a general one, one to increase physical strength, and one for differently-abled persons and the elderly. EE is publishing two of our favorite Radio Taiso routine clips, encouraging our readers to stay active and healthy.

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