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Reimagining the Future: Fenaa Alawwal's Exhibition “Unfolding the Embassy”

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From May 16th through September 1st

Unfolding the Embassy exhibition view

The Unfolding the Embassy exhibition features the works of contemporary artists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Bosnia, Zambia, and Belgium, presenting their perceptions and interpretations of the current and future states of the human condition.

Some topics that artists are contemplating about include such urgent issues as climate change, new technologies, migration, and identity, inviting visitors to think about the current world's disruptions and their potential future impact. Adopting a forward-looking approach, the exhibition raises a challenging question: “Do we need the distance of light years, to better see the near?”

Curated by Sara Almutlaq with a scenography presented by Studio GGSV, the exhibition addresses the state of our globe in relation to the economy, the Anthropocene, and artificial intelligence. Bringing together works of installation, video, photography, and print media, the exhibition speculates on the role of fiction in constructing the systems that hold our societies together.

Participating artists: Dima Srouji, Abbas Zahedi, Aseel Alyaqoub, Ahmad Hammoud, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Jerry Galle, Phi Studio, Lana Cmajcanin, Ahaad Alamoudi, Federico Acciardi, Peter Bogaczewicz, Naif Alquba, Dia Mrad.

Learn more about the exhibition on the Fenaa Alawwal website

Fenaa Alawwal
King Faisal Road
Al Bujairi, Diriyah 

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