"The Body in Algorithms" Publication Project Announces Open Call

Submissions for the new book project will be accepted up until September 30th

Left: Photo from the group exhibition The Salamander Devours its Tail Twice
Right: Installation by Yambe Tam
Zero Corners

A new publication project and a related open call has been announced on the Zero Corners website. The title refers to the coded world in which we live and the ways in which algorithms "produce measurable and calculable data, causing an organization of entropy, the emulation of bias, and practice of racial exclusions." The project description posits a range of interesting questions: as we "swim the waves of coded networks," how are we adapting to our body’s senses, feelings, and emotions? How deeply are we attuned to the technological systems we place ourselves in and we place in ourselves? Can we construct algorithms that enable an experience of tactility without having to drown in an architecture of definitive truths? Can algorithms facilitate self-awareness, empathy, and care, in these waves of objective potentialities?

The Body in Algorithms project is inviting artists, writers, performers, healers, scientists, and technologists to submit work related to the body in coded systems: technological, sociological, economical, political, or otherwise. Submissions are due by September 30th. 

Vist the website for more info: zerocorners.co.uk.