Announcements, China

The Consciousness Reframed 2024 Conference Calls for Submissions

Shanghai, China. Deadline: May 10th

The Consciousness Reframed 2024 conference invites a global community of visionary thinkers, scholars, artists, scientists, and technologists to join in Shanghai or telematically. Together, they will explore, discuss, and envision the profound implications of “The Chimæric Mind”—an ongoing merge between artificial intelligence and human consciousness—on our understanding of intelligence, reality, and the future of humanity.

The theme for CR 2024, “The Chimæric Mind,” explores the ethical, philosophical, political, spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic facets of the profound intersection between machine and human cognition. CR 2024 aims to enlarge our collective understanding of a world where the entanglements of AI, neurosciences, molecular engineering, and quantum biology steer discussions and make us question common understandings of reality and current scientific perspectives.

The conference will be held from July 5th through 7th, 2024 at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. The conference's sub-themes include Humans-AI entanglements, intersections between spirituality, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience, the quantum biology of the mind, biochemical interactions, and the integration of artificial intelligence with living organisms' biochemical processes. Participants are required to pay a registration fee. Learn more on the conference's website