Hong Kong Artist's Exhibition at Para Site Begins Online Run

The exposition is available on the online platform until April 25th

Luke Ching Chin Wai. Installation view of Glitch in the Matrix, 2020
Samson Cheung Choi Sang / Para Site

Hong Kong artist Luke Ching Chin Wai’s solo exhibition Glitch in the Matrix at Para Site is available online until April 25th.

Ching is changing the roles of artist and observer in the city and beyond, responding to and exploring the cultural and political challenges of contemporary Hong Kong. The name Glitch in the Matrix is ​​borrowed from the movie The Matrix, in which the protagonist Neo experiences a sense of déjà vu when he sees the same black cat appear twice. This is the result of a malfunction in the matrix, leading to changes in the encoded virtual world. Likewise, Ching's daily experiences often cause him to experience déjà vu and wonder if there is a glitch in the system.

The exhibition features the artist's early work as well as new pieces that reveal the political perspectives of the current social climate in Hong Kong.

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