Screening Announced for Abbas Kiarostami’s Second Block Of Movies

Events will be held at the Garage Museum

Where Is the Friend's Home?, (Abbas Kiarostami, 1987)
MK2 Films

Dismantling the Fourth Wall is the second part of a retrospective on one of the leaders of the Iranian new wave. It features films that marked the beginning of the director's reflections on the nature of cinema, moving image, and its connection with physical reality. The series will run at Garage Screen until July 24th. The full program, consisting of several blocks, will last until September 8th.

Abbas Kiarostami is an Iranian director and a true classic of world cinema. He reformed the language of cinema and the approach to working with moving images in the new century, predicting the changes that continue to this day. Since the late 1970s, Kiarostami was actively involved in documentary filmmaking and often appeared in the frame himself, capturing the filming process on film and adding to the narrative the technique and motive of “cinema about cinema”—a key sign of his poetics.

In the second block of the program one of the author's conceptual films will be shown—Close-Up, combining documentation, game, and reconstruction; as well as the first part of the Cocker trilogy—the fictional film Where Is the Friend's Home?, which appeared thanks to documentary observation in the film Homework and brought Kiarostami international success.

In addition, a public lecture program will take place at the Garage Museum until August 28th. The next meeting will take place on July 17th, where film critic and editor-in-chief of Iskusstvo Kino magazine Zara Abdullayeva will talk about the flickering dialogue between feature and documentary films in the works of the Iranian director.

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