Fetchish Magazine Announces “Subaltern” Open Call

Applications are accepted until November 20th

Fetchish Art Magazine

Fetchish Art Magazine is a student research and curatorial project at the Department of Art History at University College London that focuses on new media and performance. The project’s materials are presented in both a web format and in a printed magazine that is published three times a year. The publication team, consisting of young art historians and graphic designers, highlights works by aspiring and practicing artists.

The editorial board of the magazine has announced an open call for the next issue with the central theme “Subaltern.” Project descriptions are accepted until November 20th.

The term “subaltern” is used in critical postcolonial studies to refer to oppressed and subordinate groups, seeking ways for their self-expression. The open call is aimed at expanding the multidisciplinary and critical field of experimentation around this academic term. The format of work and the background of the artists do not matter: installations, audio, critical articles, video art, paintings, and photographs are all accepted.

Please send your biography and project’s description to fetchish.submit@gmail.com