Call for Articles for Gastro(ethno)musicology Journal

Deadline: May 20th

A fragment from Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint's project Microbial Selfies, 2017. Photo: Courtesy of Eco Art Tech

The Journal of Gastroethnomusicology is organizing an open call for articles. The field of Gastroethnomusicology explores the relationship between food and music, treating them as significant cultural indicators. The journal aims to provide a database and forum for discussions about food and music, from historical paths to present day experiences. The open call invites submissions not limited to the listed subheadings, including topics like the transformation of food and music in popular culture, their role in tradition, and their part in collective memory. Some examples of topics that could be covered in the articles include:

— The role of food and music in the transformation/continuity of tradition
— The power of music and eating habits to carry and transmit culture
— Emotional matching of flavors and music
— Unity of food and music culture during holidays and festivals
— Music and food culture in Traditional musical conversation traditions
— Shared flavors/sounds and their multicultural functions
— Climate change, changing vegetation and changes in plant-based instruments
— The perception of popularity in art, the relationship between food and music in the dimension of commodification

Eligibility is not specified, suggesting that anyone with relevant knowledge and interest may apply. Submissions are to be sent to gastroetnomusicology@gmail.com