Sternberg Press Shares Articles on Contemporary Art

Extracts from the publications can be downloaded for free

Rasheed Araeen, For Oluwale, 1971
Sternberg Press

Sternberg Press is a Berlin-based publishing house that issues books on contemporary culture and related critical discourse. Their website currently features five essay collections that can be downloaded for free. Each includes articles and excerpts from the publisher's books, united by a common theme: three are devoted to social distance and various interpretations of this phenomenon and the last two issues are devoted to the problem of attachments.

The fifth collection includes texts on democracy and protests, including an essay by the philosopher Oliver Marshart on the aesthetics of agitation and propaganda; reflections of artist and researcher Sonia Boyce on strategies of resistance to colonialism and nationalism in the works of Rasheed Araeen and Eddie Chamber; Erika Balsom's discussion of the artist Amar Kanwar's video installation The Torn First Pages—a work about a bookstore owner who was sent to jail for tearing  pages of government propaganda from books and magazines.

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