Fear, No Fear Project Launches in Berlin

The exhibition will run from April 7th to July 17th at the Times Art Center Berlin

Huang Xiaopeng, still from Highway 168. 2019
Times Art Center Berlin

The Project Angst, Keine Angst / Fear, No Fear is built on reflections on global collective fear and anxiety. The exhibition will take place at the Times Art Center Berlin from April 7th to July 17th, 2021.

Fear and anxiety are at the core of superstition and ideology and have a profound impact on society. In 1768, rumors spread in twelve Chinese provinces of "Soulstealers"—beggars and monks who secretly consumed human souls. In today's world, living conditions and interpersonal relationships lack stability: ecological, social and cultural principles have proved to be too fragile. “Can fear inspire us to a common response to future threats? Can it provide us with constructive means to interpret the unknown? Are we able to choose courage instead of fear and thus bring about a new beginning?”

The curatorial team invited artists of different generations, from the 1960s to the 1990s, working with painting, sculpture, installations, video, performance, and photography. The project will develop over three months, in several episodes: “Uncertainties—Walking on Unstable Grounds” (until May 1st), “Panic—The Moment of Fear” (until June 12th), and “Potentialities—Growing Out of Damaged Ground” (until July 17th).

Times Art Center Berlin is the first parallel institution to be set up overseas by an Asian art museum, Guangdong Times. It opened in 2018.

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