Cultural Figures Invited to Reflect on Berlin's Colonial Past

Residence Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City will accept applications until April 23rd

Dekoloniale via Instagram

The Dekoloniale project invites artists, architects, designers, writers, and other practitioners to participate in residency “Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City” in Berlin. Candidates are invited to discover and transform colonial meanings in the public space of the city and in Germany in general. Applications are accepted until April 23rd.

The year 2021 marks the 125th anniversary of the First German Colonial Exhibition, held in 1896 in Berlin's Treptower Park. It was a trade fair where the German Empire presented itself as a colonial power. Part of this event was a demonstration of people from the German colonies at the Völkerschauen (human zoos). This is an example of how, in the colonial era, politics, economics, entertainment, and science functioned as a single system, mutually reinforcing each other. In 2017, the Dekoloniale project hosted the Gazing Back [wards] exhibition, dedicated to the resistance of families from Cameroon and other “exhibits” of the fair, who did not consider themselves part of the exhibition and studied culture, language, and technology.

Successful candidates will make artistic interventions in public spaces where they can use new ways of thinking and interdisciplinary research and practice. The organizers support projects related to locations and topics already outlined in the Gazing Back [wards] exposition. The residence will run from August to October 2021. Participants will be paid for accommodation, travel expenses, a budget for the creation of the project, and a fee upon completion of the work. Please send your motivation letter, brief description of the project, CV, and portfolio to residency@dekoloniale.de. Knowledge of English is required.

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