Exhibition on Reimagining Perspectives of Europe Opens in Karlsruhe

It will be open until July 4th at the Badischer Kunstverein

Left: Iulia Toma. Oasis Diary, 2020
Right: Anna Dasović. Concerning: Request for erased and ‘blurry’ photographs, 2015–2017
Badischer Kunstverein

The Things We Sense About Each Other exposition brought together artists who critically analyze the concept of a democratically conceived Europe. The exhibition is open at the Badischer Kunstverein until July 4th.

Along with artistic projects, artifacts that symbolize various political, cultural, and social ideas about Europe are presented. Everyday objects, political symbols, texts, or cryptograms—these semantically charged things act as both uncompromising and conciliatory artifacts in the dialogue between many European social and cultural constellations. The project was prepared by several curators in cooperation with the organization tranzit.at.

Left: Aleksei Taruts. Undertow, 2021
Right: Jura Shust. Neophyte II: Extraction of Apotropaic, 2021
Below: ZIP Group. Pavilion Enthusiast – Balcony Gallery, 2021
Badischer Kunstverein

Among the participants are Alexey Taruts and Sergey Klimko with the Undertow project and its reflections on water resources as frameworks for global industrialization processes, the ZIP Group (Irina Afanasyeva, Misha Kurilov) with an installation on the nature of incompleteness at the Pavilion Enthusiast, located at the Balcony Gallery created by Ekaterina Muromtseva, and artists from Azerbaijan (Ilkin Huseynov, Elturan Mammadov, Lala Aliyeva) who created the Phantom Zone collective during the exhibition to address the hyperreality created by the mass media. A complete list of participants is available on the website.

The second part of the project starts in June 2021 as a mobile academy, which will move from Karlsruhe to other countries, thereby building a dialogue between local and international communities. Badischer Kunstverein is the hub of a wide-ranging exhibition, research, and events project that focuses on images and counterimages of Europe.

Read more on the website.