Palestine Film Platform’s Film of the Week Program

The organization is screening a film every Wednesday at 17:00 Jerusalem time

The Palestine Film Platform is working in collaboration with filmmakers from Palestine and Palestinian cultural institutions to provide a weekly streaming series of Palestinian feature films for free.  The line up includes a variety of films from various eras and showcases the diverse styles and scopes of Palenstinian filmmakers, while also including films from Lebanon and Jordan. In addition, the program is meant to be a platform for any Palestinian filmmakers to share thier recent work.

This week’s film is Like 20 Impossibles, “a visual poem and a narrative, the movie wryly questions artistic responsibility and the politics of filmmaking, while speaking to the fragmentation of a people.“ Director Annamari Yaser talks about a Palestinian film crew. By passing a closed checkpoint and entering a remote road, the group is exposed to the burden of daily military occupation and the country's real political landscape.

This program is made possible through the Palestine Film Institute, a national body responsible for funding, preserving, and promoting the cinema of Palestine. They support film productions from and for Palestine. The PFI adheres to the tradition of committed cinema and the history of using independent film practice as a tool for social change. 

To watch films in the series, visit their at 17:00 PM Jerusalem time (16:00 in Moscow): palestinefilminstitute.org.