SAVVY Contemporary is Launching a Fundraising Campaign

A space in Berlin that houses an experimental platform and art exhibitions needs funds in order to continue operating

SAVVY Contemporary

Berlin's SAVVY Contemporary center is running a fundraising campaign to keep the hub functioning. Starting in August, you can donate online and receive a piece or a poster from the campaign's featured artists.

The mission of SAVVY Contemporary is to rethink and deconstruct notions of the Western and non-Western by analyzing these concepts in a new way. The center's team believes that radical change can be achieved through the “poetic power of artistic practice,” which will overcome the limitations of old concepts and create new ones, as well as “silence imposed voices and return lost ones.”

The center is in a difficult position and needs support from the global community. Through donations, SAVVY Contemporary will be able to function as an independent space and to further form the right conditions for rethinking existing canons through the help of artistic and intellectual practices.

The fundraising campaign will take place in two parts: you can make a small donation and receive a poster up until August 10th, and after that date until the end of the month you can purchase the work of artists/friends of SAVVY. Delivery is available, but only within the European Union.

To learn more information about the campaign and to view selected works, visit supportsavvycontemporary.com.