Dream: EastEast Announces an Open Call for Contributions

The theme of the next issue of EastEast is “Dream.” We invite you to contribute to it with your writing and art

Vera Biryukova. Dolomites. Italy, 2018

Dreams may come in many shapes and forms, as they are founded on a shifting amalgam of our imaginations, situations, and aspirations. But while our dreams may differ, can they still give us some insight into our collective wants and desires, our hopes for the future and yearnings for the past? The theme of our October–November issue is “Dream.” In it, we delve into the meanings and motivations behind our individual and shared dreams, through images of modern and ancient utopias, essays and interviews about imagination and fantasy, uncovered artifacts, and engaging stories.

A more open and continually growing, connected community for EE is, in fact, a dream of ours, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition. We invite artists, researchers, scholars, thinkers, and writers to offer up your projects and stories.  

Please send a 300-word abstract by September 1st to hi@easteast.world