Foundation in Athens Invites Participation in Research Programs

Deadline for submission of applications is February 26th

Ronny Skevis / ONASSIS

The ONASSIS Foundation is an international ecosystem with branches in Greece, USA, and Liechtenstein, on the basis of which many artistic, educational, and research initiatives are implemented. In 2020, the Foundation created a collective interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and practices—The School of Infinite Rehearsals. The organizers are now accepting applications from artists, curators, designers, activists, economists, and other researchers. The deadline is February 26th.

How do we relate to others and how do we organize our decisions? What modes of governance do we adhere to and how do we shape them? What economic systems do we choose and what degree of freedom do we claim? Curators encourage artists to think about these and other questions. In the fall of 2021, the main topic of discussions will be governance in self-organizations and institutions. In the spring of 2022, the sessions are planned to study community economics and philanthropy. For individual participants, a scholarship of 2,500 euros is provided, for a group—5,000 euros. In addition, successful candidates will receive financial coverage of a flight to Athens, a room to live in, and a space to work with other participants.


A short biography, resume, examples of work, and essays with answers to questions (look for them in the full description of the open call on the website) are accepted through a special form. For more information contact air@onassis.org.

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