New Center for Research and Practice Offers Discounts On Art Education

Applications are accepted until September 6th, 2021

Zina Isupova Power Strip, 2019
The New Centre For Research & Practice

In September, the New Center for Research and Practice will begin its eighth year of operation and offer online seminars for graduates with degrees in arts, curatorial studies, philosophy, architecture, design, and other humanities. There is an opportunity to receive a scholarship for the autumn—winter season of 2021 by filling out an application before September 6th. All applicants from the global south are to receive an automatic 50 percent discount on tuition.

The New Center is an international non-profit institution of professional development in the arts and humanities. It offers graduate certificates, educational programs, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, residencies, and conferences. All seminars are held online. In addition, access to video archives and past seminars is offered at a reduced price until October and there is also a free public program.

To receive financial support, you need to send a sample essay and a cover letter explaining your reasons for seeking help.

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