Architecture Contest Open For Mariupol’s Embankment Reconstruction

Applications are accepted until July 30th

View of the Mariupol port from the Central embankment.
Mariupol Seashores

The city administration invites local and foreign architects, urbanists, and designers to take part in a competition for projects to renovate the central part of the Mariupol embankment stretching along the Sea of ​​Azov. Applications are accepted until July 30th.

The identity of the city and its inhabitants has been shaped by the sea coast, proximity to sandy beaches, and active international trade. The competition accepts projects that allow the preservation of the originality of the object and that take into account the needs of both residents and guests of Mariupol. The organizers announced five conceptual principles of the competition: Vision, Integration, Identity, Continuity, and Regeneration. The brief emphasizes the importance of integrating existing recreation sites into the project and creating new ones. The central embankment has been a key infrastructure since Mariupol became a seaport in Eastern Ukraine, a city of industrial steel production and a regional resort. Reconstruction works are planned for 2024–2025.

Interdisciplinary teams of architects, sociologists, event planners, anthropologists, geographers, designers, artists, and environmentalists are eligible to participate. University students cannot participate in the open call. For all questions, please contact info@mariupolseashores.com.ua.

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