Art Center Darat al Funun in Jordan Publishes Collection of Essays ”Immune Systems & Antibodies”

The publication is dedicated to artistic and curatorial practice in a world that lives in a state of a constant crisis

As part of the online exhibition Internet of Things: Another World is Possible, the Jordanian center Darat al Funun has published the collection ”Immune Systems & Antibodies” for free. It includes essays and visual studies by artists and writers that focus on the precarious state of corporeality in the face of aggressive digitalisation triggered by the crisis.

The IOTAWIP exhibition, dedicated to interpersonal interactions in cyberspace, opened with a video presentation that presented the works of the artists participating in the residence of the same name, organized by the center—Sulaïman Majali, Omar Adel, Bayan Kiwan, and Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw. In addition to the exhibition, the project also included a large-scale public program with workshops and lectures, the recordings of which can be viewed on the Internet of Things YouTube channel.

The collection, according to the compilers, has become a continuation of the exhibition and an online experiment in artistic and curatorial practices. Its textual and visual content refers to the disasters generated by dominant structures through systems of violence and the temporary anxiety fostered by the digital environment. In addition to essays by the participants of the residence, the collection included a text by Eren Ileri about the live-streaming of video games as a performative gesture, a study by Amani Aburahma that deconstructs the concept of "necropolitics" by Achille Mbembe, as well as Kareem Estefan's discourse about resistance to the colonizing gaze.

More info at internetofthingsanotherworldispossible.com.