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Film Festival: Voices from Palestine

Qatar, Doha. From November 2nd through November 9th

In these times of deep reflection and collective mourning, the Doha Film Institute is inviting viewers to a touching cinematic series dedicated to Palestine. The series fosters solidarity and narrates the struggles and resilient spirit of the Palestinian people, as seen through the eyes of local filmmakers.

From Elia Suleiman’s hauntingly beautiful The Time That Remains, to a diverse selection of films that encapsulate the Palestinian experience, Doha Film Institute endeavors to create a space of understanding, empathy, and shared humanity. These films are more than just stories—they are a cry for justice, a call for acknowledgement, and a means to preserve the narratives of a people facing the unspeakable.

In the face of adversity, Doha Film Institute stresses the necessity to work together as a community that advocates for peace and justice, and to support Palestinian voices.

For more information and ticket booking, visit the Doha Film Institute's website.

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