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Residency for Artists in Exile in Germany

Goethe-Institut in Exile, Germany. Deadline: January 26th

Goethe-Institut in Exile: Filmstill Voices Anatolii Sachivko, Angel Angelov, Apache Crew, Pokaz Trio

This open call is available to artists from different disciplines (music, dance, performance, film, and fine art) who are currently living in exile in Germany. The two-week residency aims to explore innovative forms of artistic collaboration through structured improvisations centered around the theme of the Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar. The residency will be held in southern Germany and will serve as a space for the development of an artistic performance.

The eligibility criteria for this open call are as follows:

— In exile in Germany with at least three years of professional experience
— Currently working in Germany at least part-time as a professional artist with or without a production outlet, and/or aspiring to continue their profession in Germany/Europe
— Physically available during the residency
— Available to join six digital preparation sessions in February and March 2024
— Fluent knowledge of English is mandatory

The selected artists will receive full coverage of the program, including travel and accommodation expenses, production material if necessary (after consultation with the organizer), and the opportunity to present their work at the end of the residency and in Berlin at Goethe-Institut in Exile.

To apply, interested artists need to submit a short introduction of themselves and their work, a short CV, and a pitch deck of their development as an artist. All application materials must be uploaded by the deadline of January 26th, 2024. The application form can be found on the Goethe Institute's website.