New York Spectacular Experiments on The Great Atomic Bombreflector by ORTA Collective

New York, USA. June 20th, 21st, and 22nd

Guide-performer Alexandra Morozova at the LAI-PI-CHU-PLEE-LAPA Centre For the New Genius. Photo by Darya Jumelya, Courtesy of the ORTA Collective.

New York Spectacular Experiments on The Great Atomic Bombreflector by ORTA Collective are open performative experiments that will feature 30,000 artificial aluminium stones-genionites, unique Sci-Fi inventions, collective practices of agitating everyone's Inner Genius, and Kazakh songs and inter-world texts performed by Guide-Performer Alexandra Morozova. The Experiments deal with the Power of Genions and the Theory of Universal Composition and are based on the New Genius Theory—a revolutionary approach to life and art invented by the first Kazakhstani avant-garde artist, writer, inventor, and the Genius of the Absolute Interplanetary Category Sergey Kalmykov (1891–1967).

New York Spectacular Experiments will mark the Planetary Ignition of an unprecedented global project—The Planetary Program of The Great Atomic Bombreflector. This multi-year Program is aimed at creating the colossal Device that will transform the destructive energies of Atomic Inhumanity into the Genius forces of global upliftment.

From 1949 through 1989, Kazakhstan, then a Soviet colony, was subjected to more than 600 inhumane nuclear and thermonuclear explosions, which ruined the lives of more than 1.5 million people and caused irreparable ecological damage. The soil, surface, and atmosphere of Kazakhstan are the most nuclear-bombarded spot on the Earth, accumulating an unimaginable amount of dark, infernal energy of grief, horror, and dehumanization that can be and needs to be transformed so that it does not lead to more disastrous wars, killings, and destruction, but gives people the power to transform the world into a better place, especially now when many believe that we are on a brink of nuclear apocalypse.

The Great Atomic Bombreflector, a Sci-Fi Device that will make such a transformation and that was invented in the 1930s by Sergey Kalmykov, is now being realized by ORTA Collective in collaboration with the Planetary Centers that as of now include Almaty, Kazakhstan, Bishkek, Kyrgystan, London, UK, New York, USA.

Theater is a key engine of this Device, so the Ignition will take place at the legendary La MaMa Experimental Theater Club in New York with its power of 60 years of bold performative experiments by the most outstanding global artists.

New York Spectacular Experiments on the Great Atomic Bombreflector is a co-production of ORTA Collective, CultureHub (as the New York Planetary Center), and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and was supported by ‘Caravan of Knowledge’ foundation and the ‘Pro.NRG’ festival, Chevron company, and Goethe-Institute Kazakhstan as a part of the First Phase of the Great Atomic Bombreflector Planetary Program.

ORTA Collective is an interdisciplinary group from Almaty, Kazakhstan, that consists of five artists: Alexandra Morozova, Rustem Begenov, Sabina Kuangaliyeva, Alexandr Bakanov, Darya Jumelya. ORTA explores the possibilities of human creative interactions through the creation of Universal Projects that span theater, contemporary art, video and film, technology, philosophy, book making, and crafts. Since 2016, ORTA's primary focus has been on the figure of Kazakhstani artist, writer, and inventor Sergey Kalmykov (1891–1967), from whose life and texts the collective has been developing the New Genius Theory.

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