Tokyo Saison Foundation Offering Open Call for Artists

The call is part of a International Project Support Program for Contemporary Theatre and Dance

Photo by Haru

The Saison Foundation, based in Tokyo, Japan, has announced an open call for applications for the 2021 International Project Support Program for Contemporary Theatre and Dance. The position entails medium to long-term international artistic collaborations with contemporary Japanese performing artists and companies. The program is offering both grants and space at the Morishita Studio in Tokyo in order to foster growing, working relationships between the grantee and local artists. Applications will only be accepted under the condition that a partnership has already been established between the Japanese and foreign artists applying for the project. 

The maximum length of a grant-receiving period is three years but participants must submit their applications each year for evaluation. Applicants may include activities related to the preparatory stage of the project, such as meetings, research, residencies, workshops, etc.

Grants and studio awards for 2021 will be given to projects and activities scheduled to begin at any time during the year from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. To apply for the International Project Support Program, please request an application form no later than Thursday, October 15, 2020 (Japan Standard Time). Following this, the full application package must be submitted by October 22nd.

Please find out more at the programs on the website.