KADIST Hosts Online Video Exhibition

The artists’ works are available to watch on the website until January 30th

Still from The Children: Side A (Ozu Yasujiro) (Ho Tzu Nyen, 2019)

KADIST is a non-profit contemporary art organization that produces international exhibitions and programs with artists whose works address key issues of our time. The Frequencies of Tradition online exhibition is available until January 30th and is part of a parallel program co-organized with and at the Times Museum in Guangzhou, which is open until February 7th. 

Seoul based curator Hyunjin Kim's concept revolves around tradition as a contradictory concept. On the one hand, it is still a part of people's everyday life, connecting generations and transmitting values, and on the other, it is a source of patriarchy, authoritarianism, and outdated customs. The works presented address the turbulence of imperial ambitions, colonial strategies, and nation-building, which still influence the understanding of traditions in the Asian region.

Among the exhibitors: Ho Tzu Nyen explores the concept of emptiness (absolute nothingness), developing the ideas of Japanese philosophers from the Kyoto school, Ayoung Kim takes viewers on a journey through hyperbolic mythology with the fictional mineral Petra Genetrix in the title role, and Ming Wong explores the creative possibilities of science fiction to examine the genesis of traditional South China Cantonese opera and its evolution from stage to screen.

More information is available on the exhibition website.