Dine & Discover Introduces Viewers to Diverse Dishes of West Asia

The cooking show features weekly episodes with detailed instruction

Dine and Discover is a new cooking show dedicated to regional dishes from around West Asia. The program began in late November 2020 and has been updated with weekly episodes. Starting off strong with Omani shuwa, in this case with a slow cooked lamb as the protein of choice. The dish usually features lamb, sheep, goat, or camel and is traditionally buried in the ground on a bed of hot coals and left to cook for hours. In this case, Dine and Discover suggests a simple way for home cooks to re-create this dish using their own oven.

The program is focused on presenting a variety of meals from all over the region, some well known, others more niche, some sweet and some savory. Dine and Discover is presented in English, one of the first youtube cooking shows specifically dedicated to English language instruction in the cuisine of West Asia. For breakfast, try the episode dedicated to Yemeni Masoob, a breakfast bowl with banana, dates, and honey or for something less sweet, take a look at the instructions for Turkish poached eggs and fluffy sesame bread known as Simit. For something more intense and a bit more showy, try out the Palestinian Maqluba, an aromatic lamb, eggplant, and potato dish that is turned upside down and presented as a layered savory cake.

For more recipes, have a look at the Dine and Discover Youtube channel.

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