XING Invites to Participate in the Reading Group about Bandung’s Conference

The curatorial and research platform will host the event online

The Gala Dinner for the Asian-African Conference in Savoy Homann Hotel, Bandung.
April 19th, 1955
National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia

The reading group Mukbang is dedicated to the Asian-African conference, which took place in the Indonesian city of Bandung in 1955. The countries that gained independence from the European powers then approved the principles of peaceful coexistence. The conference was held in order to support Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation and to oppose colonialism and neo-colonialism by any nation. The event was an important step towards the creation of the non-aligned movement. The XING curators suggest returning to the main topics discussed at the historic conference as part of the contemporary reading group’s activities. The meeting will take place on the Zoom platform on March 14th at 3 PM, Moscow time.

At the first lecture of the seminar (which was held on February 21st), the topics of decolonization and opposition to neo-colonialism were discussed. The second session—Asia as a Method—will focus on conflicts of interest, power imbalances, various infrastructures, and alliances in the region. Asia as a Method: Toward Deimperialisation by Chen Kuan-Hsing will be the key text at the workshop. Registration is required to participate in the event.

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