Contemporary Center Æther Has Organized an Art Week in Sofia and Announced an Open Call

Anyone interested in performative practices can submit an application up until September 1st

Center for Contemporary Art Æther

From September 19th to 26th, the Bulgarian Center for Contemporary Art Æther, which was founded by the artist Voin de Voin in 2016, will become an open platform for performative statements. Within the framework of the ”Swan Song” project, participants are invited to choose locations in Sofia that are significant to them and develop artwork based around these sites in the form of performances, objects, or installations.

“Contemporary life has become the mimicry of a court case. In this climate of desperation and fear—of contagion, control, poverty, debt—the Last Judgment is already happening”—the curatorial statement says. “The only possible moment of Truth is the articulation of thought; of the moment of speaking; of the presence of the sculpted body.” The possibility of remote participation and broadcasting of work is provided for foreign artists.

Applicants can send project descriptions until September 1st to aetherartsofia@gmail.com