Pleistocene Park Is Looking For a Supervisor Who Loves Solitude and Nature

The job position is in Yakutia

Pleistocene Park

Pleistocene Park is a project in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the goal of which is to create a highly productive ecosystem similar in principle to the ecosystem of the mammoth steppes that dominated Eurasia in the late Pleistocene. The main task is to replace low-productive ecosystems with highly productive pastures with a high bio-cycle rate and a high density and diversity of fauna. The project needs a supervisor for a field base located halfway between the Park and the village of Chersky.

The base is equipped with a house with stove heating and satellite internet, diesel generator, and two sets of automatic field equipment. The supervisor will live at the base and monitor the operation of the generator, the condition of the equipment, and record the necessary data. User-level computer knowledge and basic field life skills are required and those that have experience with technology and a knowledge of English or German are welcomed. There is no deadline, but it is better to hurry. Send any additional questions to nzimov@mail.ru.

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