Intelligent Museum Project Invites Artists to Residency in Germany

Deadline for submissions is February 28th

Escoitar. Aire, Sonido, Poder, 2009.
Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM)

The Intelligent Museum is a project organized by the ZKM (Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe) and the Deutsches Museum to create an exhibition using artificial intelligence. Artists are invited to participate in the program-based residency and submit applications up until February 28th.

Experimental projects from artists working in different mediums and those familiar and unfamiliar with the processes of machine learning and Deep Learning are accepted for the open call. The program examines a critical approach to the study of digital art and AI as a socially significant discipline. The residence will run from June to October 2021, with lectures, workshops, meetings with artists, and curators scheduled. Participants will be paid a scholarship of 1,500 euros for three months, supplied with materials for work, and provided with flights and accommodation. The duration of the residence is discussed with each candidate individually.

Please submit your biography, a short description of the idea, detailed information about your project and its technical details at: mail@intelligent.museum.

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