Open Call for Filmmakers: Alternativa Film Awards

Kazakhstan. Deadline: October 8th

The team behind the new international Alternativa Film Awards believes in the transformative power of cinema and is particularly interested in films that appeal to a wide audience that drive positive social change. The Alternativa Film Awards consist of five categories, with all awards being of equal symbolic value and including a $20,000 cash prize. The awards aim to strengthen cultural ties between various regions and accept entries from all the countries in Asia, with a particular focus on Central Asia. 

This year's award nominations include: Future Voice — for supporting debutants who can make a significant contribution to the film industry and society, Spotlight — for a film that represents marginalized voices, Alter — for a film addressing a societal issue with a strong impetus for social change, Nativa — for a film with a powerful drive for social change, Shorts Award — for a short film from Central Asia, and Resonance — a special award for a film recognized by audiences outside its production region (with no financial award).

In addition to the Alternativa Film Awards ceremony, participants will have the opportunity to attend free educational events at the Alternativa Film Labs.

For more information and to apply, please visit the Alternativa website.