Announcements, Qatar

Earthna Prize Calls for Sustainability Initiatives Based on Traditional Knowledge

Ar-Rayyan, Qatar. Deadline: June 30th

Photo from the construction process in Colombia, where traditional craftsmanship uses locally harvested bamboo as the primary material for building

The Earthna Centre for a Sustainable Future, a member of the Qatar Foundation, recognizes the essential role of traditional wisdom in achieving sustainability. Upholding this commitment, Earthna has launched the Earthna Prize. This program aims to honor and assist those dedicated to preserving, integrating, adapting, and employing ancestral knowledge and cultural heritage to address contemporary environmental challenges.

Initiatives that apply to one or more themes—water resource management, food security, sustainable urbanism, and land stewardship—are invited to participate in the open call. Eligible applicants include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and private sector entities.

The Earthna Prize appreciates endeavors aimed at safeguarding and applying traditional sustainability knowledge and practices. They also look for applicants who cater to local community needs by establishing trusting relationships, enabling networking, and encouraging cooperation between local and global institutions and processes.

By showcasing outstanding efforts, the prize aims to inspire a wider community to champion environmental stewardship and contribute to a more resilient and environmentally conscious world.

The selection criteria emphasize innovation, effectiveness, and scalability in blending ancient wisdom with current sustainability practices. Four winners will share a $1 million prize, which they can use to further develop their initiatives. Winners will also get a global platform to promote their projects and collaborate with an international network of sustainability stakeholders.

Applicants for the Earthna Prize must create an account and complete the online form in English. All required questions must be answered, and applicants should ensure the details of their three references are correct. A confirmation email will be sent upon submission. Both application and nomination forms can be found on Earthna's website