Announcements, Germany

Cinema/Installation: A Unity of Time and Place with Other Times and Places

STATIONS, Berlin. From April 27th through June 16th

The exhibition A Unity of Time and Place with Other Times and Places at the STATIONS exhibition space showcases 15 short films from six renowned filmmakers and artists: Ravi Agarwal, Ali Essafi, Cătălin Ilie, Rosalind Nashashibi, Margaret Tait, and Tom Thayer. 

The show is conceived as a cinema/installation on four alternating screens. Over the course of 1 hour and 8 minutes, the films flow into one another and sometimes briefly overlap to create a poetic dialog between moving images, sound and music, on a formal level, as well as correspondences between themes and motifs which recur at different times throughout the screening. The film succession transitions from detailed observation to a birds-eye view at local or regional histories. Using montage, animation, collage and other techniques, the films blur the lines between documentary and poetry, epic and prosaic, humans and nature, and perceptions of “other” histories.

The exhibition takes its departure point from the films and poems of Margaret Tait, the Scottish poet-filmmaker, whose keen focus on the everyday made her work a species of its own.

Learn more about the exhibition and upcoming June screenings on the STATIONS website. STATIONS is an independent exhibition space operated by Melissa Canbaz and Mihaela Chiriac.