CCC Research Master's Program in Geneva Open to Applicants

Applications are accepted until April 13th

Work of Alexandra Roger.
Samuel Rubio / HEAD—Geneva

The CCC MA is an international bilingual, interdisciplinary program at the Geneva School of Art and Design HEAD, focused on the exploration of world processes through art. Applicants are invited to apply for the program until April 13th.

For two years of study in the CCC course (stands for “critical, curatorial, cybernetic practices”), students will come up with collective and individual projects, referring to visual materials, texts, and their own experiences. Graduation works will be presented in English or French. Additionally, the course provides a PhD-Forum seminar to prepare students for postgraduate studies.

Art education is optional for admission. Within the framework of the program, you can choose any suitable direction: art, architecture, cinema, music, feminist studies, radical traditions of the African community, practices of decolonization, geopolitics, and postcolonial studies. To study for a master's degree, you must provide a bachelor's degree, a motivation letter, an essay with a research topic, a resume, and two recommendations. A knowledge of English is required. Send questions to ccc.head@hesge.ch

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