Sweden Hosts Luleå Biennial of Contemporary Art

The exhibition will be open to the public from November 21st to February 14th, 2021

Charlotte Posenenske, D-series, 1967.
Luleå Biennial

The International Biennial of Contemporary Art will take place in the city of Luleå in the northernmost region of Norrbotten, Sweden, located above the Arctic Circle on the border with Finland. The Biennale venues will be open from November 21st to February 14th, 2021.

The curators of the exhibition invited artists to reflect on what realism can mean as a concept, a form of expression, or an artistic paradigm. The Biennial will feature works that reflect reality in its connection with various social systems, such as bureaucracy, media, and industrial infrastructures. Their authors offer alternative ways of organizing the world and are looking for possible answers to the question: how it is possible to change the “unrealistic,” absurd, alienated reality that we are seeing now, during the crisis?

The exposition of the Biennial will take place at numerous venues: a school, a church, the Silver Museum, a former prison, and others. A program related to literature, drama, and choreography, and an online magazine are also planned.

Learn more at luleabiennial.se.