Postcolonial Theory Lectures from “Theory from the Margins” Project

An archive of past seminars and a schedule of future ones are available on the website

The Theory from the Margins project is dedicated to the study of postcolonial and decolonial theory, as well as research into the Global South. Seminars with the participation of various theorists are held once a month. The next meeting, Is it Possible to Decolonize Anthropology?, will take place on January 28th. Its guests will be professor Kamari Clarkefrom the University of Toronto and Ryan Jobson, a researcher at the University of Chicago.

The guest lecturers in past editions have included Achille Mbembe and Walter Mignolo, among others. Achill Mbembe talked about the book Out of the Dark, written in 2010, but only recently released in English. In it, he reads the history of Africa through the concept of Afropolitanism. The term originated in independent African countries after the collapse of the past world order and is characterized as the overcoming of national and racial differences on the continent on a cosmopolitan level. Another topic of the lecture was decolonization and the conditions for its implementation on a planetary scale.

Walter Mignolo presented some of the theses of his forthcoming book The Politics of Decolonial Investigations scheduled for release in 2021. He talked about coloniality as a concept, without which there is no modernity, which is based on the systems of thinking inherent in European modernity. Mignolo stressed that "decolonial politics is not a mission, but an option that can withstand the forces that prevent us from living and thinking the way we want."

New releases will be available on the website.